Two Truths

That which you focus on grows!

That which you track grows!

A Few of Our Features

Lighthouse Point Tracker is Designed to:

CREATE clarity in systems and processes

STREAMLINE activities

DRIVE results

INCREASE Productivity


  • Review Performance using Real-time Dashboard
  • Ability to quickly and concisely read status of Financial and Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators
And so much more!

Gathering Names Becomes an Easy Task

Easily capture contacts and quickly import them into the system. (iPhone / Android / Google / Spreadsheets)

Data is Cleaned, Duplicates Eliminated a CLEAN list of Names to prioritize and work!

Change the Conversation To Create Success!

Change the Conversation of Gathering Names From:

Who ARE we going to talk to?
WHO will we talk to FIRST?

Tracking Activities – Creating Clarity in Processes and Systems

Track Key Performance Indicators and Key Steps for the Business

Customize List Views - to identify and create clarity on the tracking steps for your team

Scalability – Fishing / Filter Concept
Mass Update - for the Masses
List Update – for the Few
Edit Details – for the Individual

User Friendly and Intuitive:
Simple & Easy for the first-time user
In-depth & Extended for the
experienced user

KEY to effective tracking is identifying the right steps to track – the most important Key Performance Indicators.

Track Activities Measure Results Mentor

The Dashboard Tracks Activities and Measures Results of both the
Non-Financial and Financial
Key Performance Indicators!

Dashboards Accountability can be shared with Trainers / Mentors

Analytics provide information of where new recruits need support and motivation

Numerical measurements of exactly how the person is performing

Monitor activities - Weekly , Monthly, Quarterly (12 Week Year), Year to Date!

Motivate for Goal Achievement and Promotions

Who Are We

What We Do…

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We’d love to year from you! We love your feedback and we love to hear of your successes or concerns

Lynette L Williams
Founder & President

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Lynette L Williams